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A Howdy do from Maine! (1 Viewer)



I figured I'd introduce my self before perusing the forums. I'm really just starting out as a writer and for the first time I am actually happy with the fruit of my labor. I've actually had the urge to do something creative for a long time. Originally I tried drawing but, I found that I can express more in words that with just a picture. As of late, I've finally stopped wasting my time playing video games and watching t.v.; devoting that time to writing instead. Though, either of the two can prove quite inspirational! Any who, at first I tried posting one the first piece of a character exercise on both deviantart and myspace but, my friends either proved unhelpful or didn't read it at all. Not that I expect them too, of course. So I asked another friend at school what I should do and he suggested I check out a writer's forum. So here I am, at the threshold of an entirely new community to me.
Ok, that was a bit of a ramble wasn't it? Ah well. I do look forward to meeting people in the writing community and improving my own writing. Not to mention I love reading!
So, Caio for now!

Alan Smithee

hey picard, nice to meet you! i'm new myself, just joined up a few hours ago, and i've already posted up a story and cant wait for de response! Hope you get the kind of feedback your looking for!

P.S oh, and your right about video games and tv often being a good insperation, i entirely second that!!