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A horror movie (1 Viewer)



Hello, I have been dying to make a low budget horror film with some friends for some time now, but i have to get the script and the storyline. I want a suspenceful movie with a twist in the end.

What i came up with so far is that a bunch of teenagers go in the forest after a football game to drink. Little do they know that there are some "natives" that are hiding in the woods and are hungry for human blood. Ill post the script later but in the beggining, during the credits it shows the lead in kill which is a hunter that gets hung up by a tree, skinned and partially devoured. His hunting dor returns home with some flesh. Then it goes to the crime scene with the cops. The kids all end up getting themselves mixed up in the forest with the natives and get picked off one by one.
I am looking for a big twist at the end to have my audiences jaw drop to the floor.
Oh ya. I also have the things to make one native: Two deer antlers, (the claws because he ate his own hands) and long, black hair. He also has the jaw of a cyote on his face to represent him being one. (he howls)
Any ideas???
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What's up Frogz. Hey, maybe one of the teenagers who went into the woods partying could actually be related to the "natives". You could even drop subtle hints in the beginning and throughout, (i.e, that same person suggested they go into that section of the woods, manipulating the others throughout, maybe even have that party member "off" some of the others, but not show the revelations predominately, until the climax of the movie. A piece of advice that I have come to live by while writing my screenplays and other works, "Everything is cliche. No idea is original, it's all about what spin you put on your story to make it uniquely your own." I hope this helps.
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i was going to say something along those lines ebmadman. but maybe on of the natives is really someones dad, or mom. and they pretend to be normal but they participate in the rituals and stuff in secret...idk, maybe thats overused. im probably the last person to ask... maybe the detective in charge of the investigation? perhaps..? idk. those both might be alittle simple.