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A Great and Terrible Beauty (1 Viewer)


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I just finished this book and I totally loved it. A Great and Terrible Beauty was written by Libba Bray and it takes place in the Victorian times. It is about a sixteen-year-old girl, Gemma Doyle, who has supernatural powers. She goes to a boarding school in London, where she uncovers secrets of the past of a powerful group called the Order. This book is just absolutely amazing! The themes are great, about feminine power, making choices, and friendship. This book probably targets teenage girls, but I think it's a great book for anyone, especially females. It's so hard for me to describe how good it really is. The writing is extraordinary and there is never a dull moment. Everything in the book is perfect. I can't wait to start reading the sequel!!! Go buy this book right now! Money isn't an issue here! Just kidding. It isn't that expensive, but it is that good.
I absolutly loved A Great and Terrible Beauty when it came out. I was estatic to see girls that don't usually enjoy reading falling in love with this book. It is definatly targeted more toward girls but it's not the usual teen girl drama. There is a wonderful fantasy plot and historical setting through the entire book. The sequal Rebel Angels is definatly worth your time after you read A Great and Terrible Beauty.