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A Glass Rabbit Moment (1 Viewer)


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A Glass Rabbit Moment

from the silent volcano

of that contrarian soul
it wakes, a living rage,
magma in the blood…

it is so easy to cede—

to let the chaos
reign on high…

as it becomes
an absolute sensory high
overwrought emotion

no cold logic to be found

the furious words
sand in the blood
as they are

the blind
the willful
the ignorant

vitriol purveyors
who monger
the deathly flow

what remains



bones of glass

slivers that formed
in the seething flows
needles that stabbed
flesh flayed raw

but piece by piece
the slivers collect
coalesce in
fragile bones

of something more
for those who fight
that flood of rage

the warrior who struggles
to right themselves
against that torrent

there in the bloody fire
it waits to be found
and pulled free

spared a doom
of shattered sand

a Glass Rabbit moment
shining in the heat
of that cold, rabid rage

that damned Rabbit
to places away
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Paul Benton

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Darkkin - Hello. I thought you covered some good places - Alice Wonderland type places - I felt that maybe your last 3 lines didn't need to be said. Otherwise, it went down well. Thanks!