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A frog (1 Viewer)


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"Father, father! I have found the prince to whom I want to marry."
"Where is he?"
"Well, I'll show him to you after the dinner."
"Say it!"
"Very well. You see, he is enchanted. Now, he is a giant frog. He lives in the pond in our palace. I have to kiss him and he will become the prince again. I wanted to bring him now, but didn't find him in the pond. I think he leaped to some place near there. I'll go out now and find him. He wanted so much to meet you."

"Oh I will meet him. But after the dinner. Servant, call the main dinner-preparer."
"Father, it's called chef."
"Chef, shmef, just call him here! …Are you a chef?"
"The chef, your majesty."
"Very well, what surprise have you for us today?"
"Your majesty, today I had some spare time at last and walked around the pond in your yard."
"And? Why should I be interested in what you do in you spare unspare time?"
"Your majesty…"
"Stop it! Don't cry! Stop it... Now. Now. Everything is well. I am not angry with you, just answer the question."
"Your majesty, I... well... I've found the most majestical frog. I know how our princess likes frogs, so I prepared frog legs in the mustard souse. Can I bring it now?"

The princess answered by fainting…

After some minutes, she opened her eyes and began to shout on the chef:
"Murderer! You killed my prince."

Suddenly she heard:

"How dare you to laugh at me?"

But then she saw a giant frog jumping through the open door and towards the princess.
She caught it and kissed, and, phew, here was the prince.
She kissed him too and the prince became the frog once more.

She stopped and looked at the frog. She asked him what to do, and understood that she should kiss him once more.

But this time, she didn't kiss the prince who appeared instead of the frog.

"Oh my princess. Wait! Don't kiss me. We have first to kill the witch. We should look in the pond. She lives there as another big frog."

The chef raised his hand asking to speak.

"Yes, good man, whoever you are, please speak", said the prince.

"You see, I've caught the big frog you have told about. Do you want to see it?"

This evening everybody feasted on frog legs, and after all was eaten, the princess kissed the prince, who, this time, stayed human forever.

And they lived happily, and ate a lot of frog legs and had a lot of children, to whom they would tell night stories about witches and frogs.


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A humourous take on the fairy tale, though there was one line which confused me a little.

But this time, she didn't kiss the prince who appeared instead of the frog.

Did you mean the frog stopped her from kissing him, or did he not change back that time? I think it needs to be re-written. I also wondered if you could maybe remind the reader who is talking (for example: adding 'The king said' or 'said the chef'). I think I got an idea from the dialogue who was talking but others might find it confusing.

Again, decent story.

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