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A Friendly Greeting From FL (1 Viewer)

Hi everyone! My name is Haley I've always been a writer. When I was younger I would write on everything and about anything. I'm pretty sure it made my mother go crazy at times. I'm still in high school and I'm part of an academy that revolves around business and finance, so I am a nerd. I'm a democrat and always will be and I'm proud to say that I'm a brunette and green eyed Swedish/Scottish girl. :) I love to read and watch movies. Joy Feilding will more than likely always be my favorite author. (Go read her books NOW!) I love historical, real life, and collaborative writing too. I sincerly hope we can all collaborate and work together on this site! I'm ready to start writing some new material!


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The Academy of Finance program? That's interesting. Not too many schools have that program(if that's the one you're talking about. If not, ignore). I'm a Floridian myself.

Welcome to the forums. Glad to have you.


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Welcome Falling-Again.

What an interesting name. It is so evocative. Great choice!

You have found the most extraordinary site. Here you will find places for poets and play writers; fact and fiction, photos and drawing and so much more. There are so many places to post your work.

All you have to do is post 10 times, preferably by commenting on other’s work, and then you are allowed to post your own work.

If you are not sure how to comment on other’s work there are two articles on this site which helped me.



There is so much on this site that it takes time to find your way around it. I particularly like the ‘Quick Links’ under the main toolbar. If you click on this you will find a link to ‘Today’s Posts.’ This will take you straight through to a list of the most active threads on the site.

There is also a ‘Subscribed Threads’ link. This will take you to a list of the threads you have posted to. At the bottom is a grey box called ‘Selected Threads.’ This is so useful. Tick the threads, click on this box and tick ‘through my control panel only.’ If you don’t do this you will receive an email each time someone posts to a thread, which you have posted to. This can be overwhelming if you post a lot.

I hope you have as much fun on this site as I have.

Happy writing.
I personally love living in Florida! It's definitely the Sunshine State for a reason. On the topic of the Business and Finance Academy and other programs in general, I think these programs are a plus and that every school should look into getting a program like the Academy. This summer I should be getting my internship for the Academy at the hospital in either the PR section or HR section. I'm really excited! :D Thanks for the warm invite!