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A forum? Wow! thats funny!! (1 Viewer)

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Butterfly Dreams

Hi! My name is Jaymee!!!

I have never heard of a writing forum before so this is all pretty cool to me. My friend, The girl left behind... told me about this forum, so i thought it would be cool to try out. I have recently got into writing poetry and i'm looking forward to hearing some advice from everyone. I like peanut butter sandwiches and kissing my boyfriend, Cecil..... He'd kill me if he found out i wrote that on the internet!! (he is soo shy) he'd probly kill me for writing that he was shy, too.... I live in NC, USA and i am a high school student.

well, i'm looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!!

Best regards,
Jaymee!!!!!! :lol:


Senior Member
Hello there and let me be the first to welcome you to the forum, Jaymee. I'm a friend of Elizabeth's. I hope you will have fun with us here, and will learn some new things, and get critiques on your work. Also, critique and the favour will be returned :)

Have fun!

~ Shinn

Butterfly Dreams

Hello to Shinn!
Thank you for being the first to say "Hello!"
I love Elizabeth, she's sweet isn't she? This place looks like its gonna be fun!! See you around!!


Olly Buckle

Welcome to the forum, I hope it lives up to your expectations, there is a bit of most things and all sorts of people here.


Hello and welcome to the community, Jaymee. For a small price I won't tell Cecil. *grin* Ah I'm just kidding. Sorta. ;) Enjoy!
Hi Jaymee!!!!

Good to see you wanted to help me take over the forum!!! (just kidding) Lol, welcome to the forum, and unlike Hawke, i'm gonna tell Cecil!!! I can just see his face!!! hehe, drama on Tuesday, don't forget...

Love you!!!!!