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A Focus on Prose Style (1 Viewer)



As a frequently published freelance op-ed writer, I've become a pretty sharp analyst of prose style. I think I've figured out the techniques that keep a reader reading and make him or her perk up and say, Hey, that was damn good! In fact, I recently had a little book published that focuses on ways to make your writing stand out. It's primarily about sentence-making. It's about how to avoid writing bland sentences and how to give your sentences power and depth. But, of course, first you've got to have something worthwhile saying. When I read a string of sentences by John Updike I just about jump out of my chair. That's the kind of effect a writer with real command of his sentence-making can have on a reader.


Senior Member
ive always believed that a sharp style can carry a writer, even if his story leaves something to be desired. nevertheless, this was a weird way to introduce yourself.

Olly Buckle

surely it should be "something worth while to say" or "something worth saying", welcome to the forum, you will find it full of self effacing, modest people like yourself.


The fact that you chose such an awful font doesn't really fill me with confidence. If you have something to teach could you not have applied this style in your post?