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A Dying Wish (or book!) (1 Viewer)


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So let's pretend someone is on thier deathbed, and all they want to do is read one more book, and you need to recommend it. It dosen't have to deal with mortality or death, that is just a stipulation of the situation. So, if you were to tell someone to read just one more book in their life, what would it be?
This seems like a good way to get recommendations, as i'm sure no one will suggest rubbish (we hope!). And another rule..no 'ties' or close seconds! Just one book!

If I were to go first, I would say to read The Catcher in the Rye.


Arena by Karen Hancock...great book and doesn't get the credit or recognition it deserves


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The Bible definitely, it has everything. The Supernatural, every known human emotion and a host of situations, comforting Psalms, some truly funny situations(truth is often stranger than fiction right?) and Revelation is truly freaky and thought provoking.
And if during the reading, you suddenly find the same sort of faith that some had, you might just find upon turning the last page that you are no longer dying and are in fact........quite well!;-)