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A Day of Glory (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
Far above the frozen fields
Ravens loudly crow
Blood of Northern heroes
Thaws away the snow

Lo, the shining Valhall
Calls to us this day
Across death's river roaring
We must find our way

Craven souls will perish
In that darkest stream
Only brave will reach the
Shore of glorious dreams

With the sound of thunder
Let the shields collide
With a cry of battle
Hail the valkyries' ride

And as our swords and axes
In vicious battle ring
From across eternity
We hear our brothers sing

Fight well, fear not, if this day
In battle you should fall
You will become a legend
And feast in Odin's hall


Staff member
A neat celebratory poem of the ancient Norse warriers who were very much a part of our British history. Their memory is enshrined in place names and archeological finds throughout these islands so, as your poem says, they are singing still. :)


Staff member
Way to stir the old imagination up! I love all the legends and stories of Vikings. You've done them proud, here.