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A Crow Presides In Cathedral Forest (1 Viewer)


the carpet of spruce needles soften my footfalls
in an aisle approach to an altar of shale stone
flanked by sun-blazoned candelabras of tamarack saplings

I let my fingers graze the velvet pews of mossy deadfall
as a soaring canopy of white oak and black walnut
form a vaulted ceiling painted in gold leaf and blue rose
brushstrokes even Michelangelo could not perform

censers swing earthen loamy and aster scents
hymnal pages both dried and green rustle and leaf
choral bird-psalms of whippoorwills and mourning doves

a whitetail mourner passes quietly through the apse
red fox and grey acolytes scurry
one in the north, one in the south transepts of yellow birch

I sit nave-front - on lichen and log
peer at hooting gargoyles and blue-chinese chandeliers
there's a hush as the crow takes the pulpit
his black eyes both admonish and calm me

he caws his sermon - a liturgy of creation
tangible, terrible and unforgiving
I bow in repentance and whispered sins
and seek a benediction of forgiveness

crow retreats to the sanctuary and turns his ebony back
wings spread feathers burning
lit from the sun’s sacramental retreat

I wait but he does not return
but I know the fireflies will lead me home
along the path of hollow bones


Senior Member
Hi Delphina, nice to meet you, this is beautiful, I keep coming back to read it, for it has that much overlooked quality, it takes me away to another place so completely. I am there. All the plants and trees and fauna and flora with which you furnish your church so perfectly fit. I got an enormous sense of calm within my quiet solitude. a place apart. The ending is wonderful, well done, all the best PG
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