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a couple of questions from kunoxian drive (1 Viewer)

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I have a couple of questions. the first is how important do you think it is to change one habit at a time... especially when you want to start the habit of writing...??? and the other is... have you ever written a chapter of story for it's world building effect but you know you will not use it in the story? just curious.. I have some follow up questions but I'll wait to ask them till after some post with answers get posted.


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I have no experience with changing habits. I wish I did. I am in need of a psychologist for when I want to stop writing and change habits and go study (3 hours a minimum is required per subject). But it would be the solution of what I need for time management. I have obsessive compulsive disorder according to a doctor. If you have something that takes a long time and you get easily distracted that's another problem. I have attention disorder as well. So to answer your question doctors will consider reducing some of your habits to control symptoms of your "personality" so as not be be affected by a mental diagnosis. It can worsen your symptoms if you have OCD and you don't for example exercise. Or brush your teeth, take a bath, all treated by cognitive behavior therapy. So if you want a job and want to study it might help. But writing if it is the source of ocd will get in the way. My solution would be to talk about these goals with those who practice cognitive behavior therapy and have a passion for it. My last doctor wanted to blame me. I remember eating lots of fast food and that is why I would not lose enough weight as a goal (it is in lots of places in the usa and my mom never liked to cook on weekends). I did exercise. They make you weight yourself on the scale and other goals. Remember your health is what they want to improve. But medicine doesn't do everything. There may be other kinds of therapy available. Psychotherapy is another treatment. I am not fully aware of its goals other than to treat the disease. So you see you have a unique case, which can only be handled by a doctor. Some people with autism need extra help. Having a self-awareness helps.

World building is different. But I am imagine if you don't want to use your fragments for a story you save them up for when you have inspiration or perspiration strike you (creating writing as a habit). If you want to have less health problems while maintaining writing I suggest cognitive behavior therapy. Psychologists might do that sort of therapy. The one who introduced me to this was a psychiatrist who specialized in autism.

My advice for world-building: master storytelling and where you get your ideas from, then tell a story.

I made everything up I have written so far or write what you don't know.

Exercises can be a decent way to write. Consider that route. I am going to need to talk to people more. People with Asperger have a difficult time making friends. So I will just talk to my extended family on an instant messenger if need be. Instead off by phone. Writers are observers.

If you haven't mastered the craft by practicing I also suggest exercises. I am trying to get my hand on books that have exercises and creative writing in the title. There's one by the by the university of Victoria in Australia, but I admitting don't know how good it is. I need life experiences yet I remain in a house because of reasons to make sure I don't run into bad people. That can stigmatize and who are problematic to mental health patients.

I am convinced craft books don't work, so a creative writing book that teaches you useful skills could help. If you need a suggestion message me.

The last how to books I bought very recently.

My experiences are limited. Mining memory can be tricky. I want to use memory to trigger the habit of writing more. But writing by imagination is fulfilling, and don't get me wrong. Writing tends to produce bad results. But the last time I had a friend here help me I got a story written. Motivation is key. Collecting books with theory isn't helpful.

Writing a least gives you a draft and ideas, these fragments can be rewritten one day and incorporated into a different story.

I hope this makes sense. I have balanced both sides of the argument (pros and cons of each argument). So you can sense why both sides aren't correct in the absolute or as a truth. No argument people will agree with all the time. There is no real way to say something is an absolute truth. This is just my opinion.
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on a side note I am calling it now... July will be nothing but shows and august will be writing for me.. I have no clue why but that is the way it will be...

Ralph Rotten

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Changing habits.
For me it was just closing my mouth and opening my ears.
It was actually much harder than it sounds.
As a younger writer I was not good at listening to editors and better writers than myself.

So finally after I got tired of rejection and -3 star* reviews, I stopped being an asshole for 5 minutes and started learning to develop my characters (no, mysterious characters are NOT a good thing.)

So really, learning the new writing habit was really only a matter of me taking a hard look at what was lacking in my writing. I had to open myself up to change before change was possible. And to do that I had to accept the fact that I was not a perfect writer, and that there was room for improvement. I had to swallow some hard truths.

I am still trying new things. I may read an author I like and see how they do a transition or character intro and say "Ooh, that was nice writing, I should try that." I like seeing how other writers tell their stories.

*reviews so bad that they collapsed in on themselves and formed a quantum review singularity, sucking in all future sales or potential for that book.

bazz cargo

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Habits are easy to find, hard to get rid of.

Most of what I write fails to make it into a story.

'Kunoxian Drive' is too good to waste.

Olly Buckle

If you want to start a habit imagine yourself doing it, in detail.

I also write plenty of things that don't make it into any story, let alone 'the' story.
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