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A Civil Action (1 Viewer)


Title: A Civil Action
Author: Jonathan Harr
Genre: Nonfiction / Current Events

A true story about a lawcase in Woburn, Massachusettes. Eight families in Woburn file a legal complaint against three local industries for the improper handling and disposal of toxic chemicals, chemicals that they believe caused cancer in their families. These chemicals were theorized to have reached the wells used to draw water for domestic usage and the tainted water was accused of having caused a leukemia cluster in Woburn.

This book is a nonfiction record of lawyer Jan Schlintmann's struggle with the Woburn case. The combination of his flamboyant personality and the delicate case made a good read. Even better, it ventured into the perversion of the judicial system making everyone think twice about America's standing today.



I like this book, too. Speaking from the trenches, its a really accurate depiction of civil litigation and the psychological tolls of being a trial lawyer. But before I had the real-life experience to really know what all the civil procedure stuff was referring to, I didn't like it nearly as much.

Still, you're absolutely right that Schlictmann's personality alone makes this a worthwhile read. It's inspiring to read nonfiction about someone fighting the good fight.