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    I haven't read Ubik, yet. But, any PKD novel, IMO, is worth the read.
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    Its probably been posted already, but The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Absolutely breath taking.

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    No one has mentioned Kerouac? I really enjoy his work, especially The Town and The City and On the Road. Also I was glad to see people showing some love for Vonnegut, Slaughter House IV stands as my all time favorite. Player Piano by Vonnegut was also quite good, very showing of the coming of the techonological age.

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    East of Eden is, in my opinion, Steinbeck's finest novel and one of my favourite novels in general. It's just a fantastically written book. Grapes of Wrath is also a given.

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    A Prayer For Owen Meany[/I] - John Irving
    Agreed. That was a great book, even with some of the elements that I didn't find too engaging. The characterisation was so well done.

    Some of these books I'm definitely going to have to check out. The list of 'classic' novels I have read is fairly short.
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    The Bridge of San Luis Rey.....really philosophically written. perspective of life is one of the biggest matter in this classic.
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    Wind-up Bird Chronicle also made me think about a few things. Great book if you can get through it.
    Murakami is definitely one of my favorite fiction writers. Magical Realism is by far my preferred genre. Magical Realism, Murakami style, never disappoints. I've read all his books; some of them more than once. I am currently (coincidence) rereading the cult trilogy 1Q84. It's just superb.

    Goodreads list of current Magical Realism novels: click here.

    My personal list of favored books in the genre:

    Salman Rushdie on Magical Realism:

    Magical Realism: Theory, History, Community
    by Parkinson Zamora (Editor),‎ Faris (Editor)

    My recommendation:



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    The 4 books in the Otherland story by Tad Williams. Yes it is a beast to plow through all 4 back to back, but the story is very well written and enjoyable.

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