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    Quote Originally Posted by Chesters Daughter View Post
    Greetings and salutations to our very busy poets. I know many are occupied with NaPoWriMo, so I feel disgustingly guilty for being such a whiny beggar, but it’s the 12th and the challenge has but one entry. I fully comprehend and accept that April often leaves the challenge a little neglected, but I figured there might be a chance that few are watching the clock given the intense pressure they’re under, so I’m posting this reminder for those who intend to enter. We’ve but three days remaining ere the cut-off. Sorry for yanking you from your creative marathon to read this, but one can never blame an anal host for trying, lol.
    Hopefully CD will forgive my addendum, but I would like to say that a challenge entry can be used as one of the thirty poems. After the challenge voting has finished (and not until then, because it would identify you as the author) the challenge poem may be placed in your NaPo folder (or wherever you are placing your NaPo poems).

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    I do have a question as I'm reading. Where is the poll we vote on before submitting our entries?
    At last! No longer will I live another one's beat and song.
    Into ashes, Iíll return, and be it held by loved ones.
    Ceased will life liven me of breathe again to lust.
    Speak of it no more, of love, to whom, Iíve yet bequeath.

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    The current monthly challenge closed to entiries on 4/15. You will have to wait until May's challenge opens. As to the voting poll that is here.

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    Hugs for Darkkin! Thank you, sweetie.

    Speaking of the poll, it will close in a little less than seven hours. It will automatically lock at 7:29EST. For any who are engaging in procrastination, please make yourselves heard in a timely fashion. Danke, me dears.

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    I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Mentors and members who have worked together to lovingly revive the Poetry board. I won’t name names for you are many, but you all know who you are. It feels like old times, guys, and you’ve all worked side by side to restore our home. I can never repay the debt you are owed, but please know my thanks are eternal. Group hug for my sweetie pies!

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    Friendly reminder! (Translation: some hopefully fruitful poking and prodding from a desperate beggar) There are a mere 8.5 hours left to enter this month’s challenge.

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    Yoo hoo...why have you all left me with naught to do? Idle hands do the devil’s bidding, please keep me occupied so I won’t sentence myself to an eternity of bathing in brimstone. Time is ticking, my darlings, please PM me some entries. Pretty please, with vodka on top.

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    The beggar’s back. Pesky little bugger, aren’t I? We’ve a smidge over 24 hours left to vote. I know ‘tis the season for frolicking outside beneath our loving sun, but I implore anyone who has the time to please participate.

    Many thank you’s in advance, me dears.

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    Just a reminder for all of those who are planning on entering this month’s challenge, there are but 32 hours left before the quarry is closed. You wouldn’t want your rocks and stones to go homeless, now would you?

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