Some where before, I know I have seen your face
I just can't place it, no matter how hard I try
Could it be I know you from another time, another place
I know it was long ago, but you are so very young, how and why?

When I am away from you, you are always on my mind
As I search within myself, hoping to remember who you are
The harder I search, it's so hard to find, it's as if my mind is completely blind
I know, I have seen you, seaching again my mind, as I watch you from afar.

Your skin alibaster white, your dark hair, and eyes a green, as grass in a meadow
Your beauty supercedes anything, I have ever seen before
You have a certain radiance, you seem to have a special kind of glow
You are regal, just like royalty, like a giselle, as you walk, you seemingly float, I know I have seen you before.

I just can't put my finger on it, and it really bothors me so
I now in the autumn of life, and you still look like a breath of spring
It's not because I lust for you, but I have to know who you really are and I don't have a cue
I would never question my sanity, to insanity I hope I would never cling.

My skin now has wrinkles, my hair has started to grey
I knew you long ago, as I start to remember now
We were in our twenties, as the memories in my mind I start to replay
We saw each other a few times, but you look now as you did then but how?

I used to tell you how lucky I was to be in your prsence, and that I was your slave
You would always laugh and say, for me you would walk an extra mile
As then, there are men all around you, because it is you they want and crave
I also remember you laughing and saying," At one time, I from my palace, I gazed upon the River Nile.