The wind fiercely blows, creating the perfect atmosphere
Thunder, lightning are rampant, setting the stage, for something evil this way comes
Just the kind of situation, to cause my soul to fill with fear
The wind sounding like a prolific, sort of hum.

A day of leisure, a picnic, so serene, until we started hiking in the woods
From here our relaxation became a very real fear
We are lost, no escape from here, even if we could
We hear a noise soon realizing, it is only a timid deer.

The woods we are lost in, they are so foreboding and dark
I think we are walking in circles, as several times, I recognize the same tree
Soon we think we even hear a dog as it barks
We soon realize, no where to run, no where to flee.

Soon the rain begins, a horizontal rain, one that really stings
One good thing, we have some protection from the rain, by all the trees
Be very quiet! You can hear the creatures of the woods as they start to sing
Getting dark, it;s hard to separate things, that are real, filling our very souls with fear, don't you see?

In this scary prison, the woods being our cell
Soon, we hear another rustle, flashing lightning, we see the silhouette of a man
Thinking help has arrived, no longer are we hid in the dark's deep veil
We walk toward the man, hoping he will lend a helping hand.

The closer we get to him, it seems we were wrong, he is not there
Why? Now we start to question our very sanity
We get to the place, where we thought he was, what we find, well all we can do is stare
Hanging from the tree, we see a noose hanging. Can this really be?