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8/22/07 | Fly on the Wall (1 Viewer)

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Amber Leaf

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dammed genies

The musky interior of the Bedouin tent was too inviting for a knackered and thirsty raver like me. After being up all night dancing to the loudest techno and rushing off the strongest amphetamine known to the party I got angry at the sight of my best friend talking to my boyfriend.

When I confronted them about it my boyfriend alleged I had taken too much speed and his defensive stance confirmed my suppositions. He even had the nerve to tell me to ‘chill out’.

Shocked by their betrayal I went for a walk to calm my frenzied emotions. I came along an enchanting Bedouin tent. As I entered I coughed slightly from the thick smoke inside.

Arriving at a bar I asked the eastern bartender where I could sit without irritation. He showed me to the back of the tent. Lifting the heavy velvet curtain back he took me to a dark room lit by candles. There were scattered cushions and a table.

The air was clear and at long last I felt relaxed. The thirst, however, was over-whelming and spying a cup and a kettle; I decided to pour myself a drink

Amber liquid ran from the spout and the steam hit my face. The room filled with azure dust. It formed the shape of a man with a beard and a strange hat.

Wondering what was on his head I looked at his face. His stare went right through me. I asked him how he had got out of the spout and his voice boomed;

“I am Makukhen. I shall grant you three wishes.” I felt tremors as he spoke and I wondered if someone had spiked my drink.

Makukhen’s eyes were red. Why he would want to give me wishes? He seemed to read my mind;

“You shall learn.” He spoke.

I put it down to the drugs. Maybe some new type of trip I had never used before?

“I wish for a spliff that will never burn down or go out.” I asked thinking I may as well give it a shot then suddenly in my hand appeared the magical joint.

The blue, bearded man was a good companion.

Tired from the strain of the night; I made another plea;

“I wish for a rock that will never chip away.” On the table in front of me appeared a white block. I was very happy.

The dawn light seeped in through the edges of the tent and I started to worry why none of my friends had come to see me. I became suspicious again of what my boyfriend was doing and I wished I could be a fly on the wall where he was.


Loud buzzing surrounded me and I saw my best friend and my boyfriend in front of me. At first I thought I was really wasted as they were so large. As much as I tried I couldn’t hear them talk. It was then I realized the genie had turned me into a fly.


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Bus stops are traps -- 381 words

_______Some strong language, but I'm guessing you people are going to judge it anyways...__________

“So I was on the bus this morning, and I go sit in the back with Paige, and across from us, there’s this guy, rolling a joint.”

____“Who’s that?”

“I have no idea, I’ve never seen him before. But it was, like, ‘Good morning to you too!’”

____“Haha, sure. You should have asked him for one.”

“Yeah, as if I’m randomly gonna be like, ‘Yo, dude, got a dime bag?’”

____“Shit yeah. What would he have said? I wonder.”

“Anyways, it was weird.”

A moment passed. Binders clicked shut. Paper was shuffled into various divisions entitled Vocabulary, Writing, and Literature.

____“So guess who was at my bus stop this morning.”

“Did you take the bus, or did your mom drive you?”

____“Driven, thank God. But as we passed my corner, lo and behold, who else is there but my ex and his new girlfriend.”

“What the fuck? Where does she live? And since when does he take your bus?”

____“Exactly. She lives in Chambly. And they were at my bus stop.”

“Shit. It was a trap or something.”

____“I dunno. I’m fucking glad I got driven in, though.”

“Shit, that would have been awkward. What would have happened?”

____“I dunno. Would he have introduced me? Like ‘Uhm, hi, this is the strung-out pothead of a girlfriend I’ve replaced you with…’?”

“What a flipping introduction. What would she have said? First of all, does it talk? Can she speak?”

____“I dunno. Her brain must be so fried, though.”

“Fuck, like Asian noodles, if she does all the crazy shit you’ve told me she does.”

____“I’d like to hear her talk. Like, say words. Dom says all she does is mumble-swear.”

“Hahaha, mumble-swear. What is she, Ozzy Osbourne?”

____“Maybe. I dunno. I’ve never heard her.”

Another moment passes as useless instructions get jotted down into agendas.

“Anyways, dear, I’m glad you dropped his sorry bald ass, and finally now you are starting to cope with school and being back on this glorious first day.”

____“Yeah well. I don’t know if I’m completely over it.”


____“You know what I mean? It still feels like, just below the surface.”

“Yeah, I know what you mean… not from experience, but I empathize.”

____“Just another day in just another year, I guess.”

“And so it continues.”
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