A Dance For Militant Diletantes By Al Young

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Thread: A Dance For Militant Diletantes By Al Young

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    A Dance For Militant Diletantes By Al Young

    Another favourite poem, I love the freedom of expression, paints a violent portrait of racism in 60's America.

    A Dance For Militant Diletantes By Al Young

    No ones going to read
    Or take you seriously a hip friend advises
    Until you start coming down on them!
    Like the black poet you truly are
    And ink and lots of black in your poems
    Soul is not enough
    You need real color
    Shining out of real skin
    Nappy snaggly afro hair
    Baby girl up and dig on that!

    You got to learn to put in about stone black fists
    Coming up against white jaws
    And red blood splashing down those
    Fabled wine and urine stained hallways
    Black bombs blasting out real white estate
    The sky itself black with whats to come
    Final holocaust, the settling up

    Dont nobody want no nice nigga no more
    These honkees man
    That put out these books and things?
    They want an angry Splib!
    A furious niggra!
    They dont want no boojwah woogie
    They want them a militant nigga
    And a fiji haircut fresh out of
    Some secret boot camp
    With a bad book in one hand
    And a Molotov cocktail in the other
    Subject to turn up at one of their
    Conferences or swarays
    And shake the shit out them

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    It's a good poem, but I wouldn't say it paints a "violent portrait of racism". More like a black poet appealing against being told to paint a violent portrait of racism.


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