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    LOL, Ly...when a lead soprano dies in an opera it is generally over the course of a very, very long aria which she sings...straining the credibility of the audience and receiving applause tinged with relief when she's done.

    (My apologies to opera fans. )
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    if it gives time for all to post unlike the horror one now, i'm in other wise i'm not.

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    Aura, I've heard what you say and I agree. I'll only make a story change when I know everyone has been given a chance too post.

    Thing is, I need to think off a good, stick to storyline first.
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    Ok thanks, i guess i'm in then.

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    Cool, sounds like fun. I love fantasy, and have always wanted to try roleplaying. It's always better to start on a new one then trying to join in on one that is already underway.

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    I dont know about that you know, i have just joined THE NEW RPG! ad it is great, i posted an intro which seemed to have a good reception and it all went well and now i kind of live for that rpg.
    Sad as that may be billie.

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    So have i, the players are really gud, they are also very kind, and with the different asortment of charaters, they help integrate you own too.

    I'm in cause i love to think of cool describtions for my charater.

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    So you're aware I have posted new rules in the THREAD for the HORROR RPG. It will give a chance for all to post, slow it down, and keep the narrative at a rateall can accept. If you want o come backgreat, if not then fine.

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    Ah i se foxee, all is made clear now.

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    So what is this fantasy R.P.G's plot or general direction to which the heroes or evil maniac's goal is.

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