A dimly lit hallway, this path was given to me by fate
This path I must travel by myself, alone
Darkness all around, help me find a way out before it's too late
Causing pain, feeling this to the very bone.

I need a light, a way to salvation
Out of the darkness, a hand please lend to me
Pain holds me hostage, by the way of it's painful gun
I search for a way out of this hurtful place, I only want to be like others, happy as can be.

The two paths one can take, I was nudged to the wrong one
Causing intense heart ache and pain
Never being able to escape, after everything said and done
O n this path, heart ache is all there is to be gained.

I hold out my hand for help, but to no avail
Cobwebs hit my face, only causing tears
I am a prisoner, pain being my cell
Walking the path, is there an end? This remains very unclear

In the darkness, I feel so afraid and so alone
Am I never to find the light at the end of the tunnel?
I have reaped a thousand times, the seeds I have sewn
Offer me your hand, release me from this unending cell

Walking blindly, I think I have had enough
What choice do I have but to keep searching
For a way out of this place, a lace that has made me very strong and tough
The dark path of pain, this path, heartache is all it ever brings.