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    Life is like the seasons...each has it time, each with it's pleasures and pains and each to be lived to the fullest and enjoyed.
    Veni, vidi, laboraro scriptio de hoc.
    I came, I saw, I tried to write about it.

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    Life is not like spam mail - unwelcome, a hindrance and something you'd like to see no more of.

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    Life is like drademike.... claims to be legit but if it looks to good to be true it proabably is.
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    life is life a pair of boxers, and there's always some little shit to ruin things.
    To write is human, to edit is divine.

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    Life is like a piece of pizza, even the worst is still good.

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    Life is like a battery. It gives you power to do good or bad things. Some last longer than others. When it goes, you're dead. Also it hurts you if you misuse it. All give you a shock at one time. Some people unfortunately get rubbish ones even if they're good people. The manufacturer must have made an error.
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    Life is like an iceberg, what you know of it isn't all there is.

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    Life is like a chinese finger trap. Sometimes the harder you pull, the more firm you remain.
    The mind is the ultimate barrier. But remove it, and you remove yourself

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    Life is like a diaper. You come into this world wearing them, and odds are, you will leave the same way.

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    Life is like a mirror. It will always reflect who you are.

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