Poetry by colin leslie dean

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    Poetry by colin leslie dean

    What dio you think of this poet colin leslie dean. I find his poetry full of vivid images incantatory language meliflorous rythyms and velvet melodies, You can see his poetry at this site


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    Quote Originally Posted by Elspeth
    What dio you think of this poet colin leslie dean.
    Based on what I can see on that site, I'd guess he was some sort of self-published no-hoper who has no place in a forum for published poetry.

    EDIT: Just to clarify. The site is owned by David Ovendan and all the books in the catalogue are by him and Colin. They aren't accepting other submissions. It's a self-publishing press for its owner rather than anything legitimately relevant.
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    Please, people; if you want to advertise your own work, then at least fess up that you wrote it.

    I don't come over to your house, take a dump on your floor, and say, "Gee! Someone sure did an adorable dookie in the corner over there. Come check it out!"
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