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    The Motel

    I accidentally stumbled across this nice little motel
    Not knowing that such a nice place would cross my way
    So quaint this place, so beautiful with all the lovely detail
    This place so delightful I think I will stay for a while.

    It's true I've been traveling for quite a while
    It didn't dawn on me to get the name of this tranquil place
    I was so tired I don't think I could have driven another mile
    I stopped here because this place has such a friendly face.

    The lovely decor of the room is pink
    The color looks as if it's just for me because I'm female
    I enter the bathroom and stand at the sink
    Thinking to myself this place does possess some kind of dismal hell.

    Seeming strange no other rooms rented but mine
    I shouldn't be afraid the guy at the front desk was nice
    The solitude here is as peaceful as can be
    The peaceful serenity here would also you entice.

    I stand outside because I want to know where I am
    Until I see the name I didn't know I had taken a trip to hell
    This place I know now is of the damned
    I like to feel over when I saw Bates Motel.

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    nice work it captures your mood and ideas quiet well

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    Quote Originally Posted by jill242 View Post
    nice work it captures your mood and ideas quiet well
    Bot de bot bot. 12 years gone. Dread Zepplin.
    You know what captures my mood and ideas?
    Bot de bot bot.

    "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"

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    *tugs at his collar

    What are you even talking about? The imagery here is boring and the quatrains are flaccid. My apologies. I do, however enjoy the general mood you invoke with this poem.


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