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7 Tips I Learned from Bryan Cohen’s 5-day Amazon Ad Profit Challenge (1 Viewer)


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I’ve used Amazon ads to promote my nonfiction books for 4 years and thought I knew almost everything. After participating in Bryan Cohen’s most recent ad challenge, I realize that I still have much to learn. In this free program, Bryan shared many practical tips (how to write ad copy, how to set up various low-cost ads, what to do if ads don’t get sales, etc.), and I strongly recommend his future ad challenges to my fellow authors.

Regarding my own results, I created over a dozen low-cost ads for 4 of my nonfiction books and only the ads for one book had positive results during this 2-week program. To be fair, this book already had productive Amazon ads and enjoys strong sales. Thus, I will continue Bryan’s low-cost ad approach for this book, but not for my other books. Now for my favorite tips from this ad challenge:

1) If you run ads and your total profit goes up, all other stats don’t matter! Don’t be concerned about ACoS, cost per click, impressions, but do pay attention to total ad spend and total profit as measured by Book Report or KDP beta dashboard.
2) When writing ad copy for each ad, the most powerful word should be last (love, death, enlightenment, etc.).
3) When setting up keyword ads, aim for 100 - 150 relevant keywords per ad and run several ads (not one ad with 1,000 keywords).
4) If ads make a profit, you should consistently run more ads (use new ad copy, but same low-cost bid strategy).
5) If ads lose money, you should check its conversion rate after it has 100 clicks to see if the book has potential (goal = 10 clicks to 1 sale or better). If low conversion rate, consider changing the book’s sales description and/or cover design.
6) To boost stale ads, run quarterly promos (99 cent sale) stacked over 5 days.
7) Use BKLNK dot com to find relevant categories for your book and run separate ads for each category.

Hope these tips help! Big thanks to Bryan for sharing these and many more in his informative ad challenge.