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    I am writing a story about a superhero. He is disabled for a while while he still has to discover himself. Eventually, he overcomes his disabilities. Eventually he is like superman, takes down the bad guys. However, he is not good looking like most superhero's.

    In the beginning, he gets made fun of by jocks. He can't function normally. However a certain crowd likes him for himself. They see past his disabilites, his looks.

    My question how could I make this character so people will fall in love with him? He is different, wierd but in a good way. I want the characters that are good to be falling in love with him.

    By the way if you want advice, and it is not too time consuming I can help you. P.M me.

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    Give him a charming personality. He might be mistreated but he's honest and compassionate to others and usually manages to charm people with his words.
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    I say introduce him while he is doing somthing very lovable. Somthing that really speaks about his quirkiness... somthing that forces your audience to love this guy.
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    Thanks for the advice.

    In what ways can a guy be charming? I am no real expert at this.

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    Flattery mostly without overdoing it because then it becomes sleazy.
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    make him realy un assumeing

    sduperheros can have a tendancy towards eithe arrogance or false modesty

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    How much of a superhero, is he? I tend to find stories about superheroes these days either highly predictable or very unrealistic. Perhaps you can have him be a superhero in his ability to overcome his disability. He doesn't have to be the type of superhero who has extraordinary superpowers that would surpass that of able-bodied persons. Just a thought.
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    I was wondering about what you think about the plot?

    How would you rate it on a scale of 1/10.

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    Sounds a little unoriginal, the story.

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    Maybe if he isn't disabled?

    I guess this happens in Forrest Gump/Waterboy. So what if he get his powers slowly over time, anybody have any ideas?

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