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Thread: Three Word Story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ice Tea Atonach
    Story. Wrote. Denied!

    hehe cruel. Nice thread.
    Haha. I'll do a twist on that.

    Query. Rejection. Chocolate.

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    kiss, sex, sleep.

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    "Humanity, capitulate? NEVER!!"
    It wouldn't be right to dream while
    Forgetting to live, it seems;
    Nor would it be right to dwell on life
    And yet forget our dreams.
    -If There Were No Magicians

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    Elivs isn't dead.

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    With my wife and 2 dogs on the edge of the New Forest, England.
    Elivs isn't dead.
    Neither is Elvis!

    run, Spot, run

    two, one, kaboom!

    and Spot loses!

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    A Story in Three a time!!

    Monsoonal rains came
    Flooding soon followed
    Consuming the land
    Villages were swallowed
    All were evacuated
    Rains eventually stopped
    The sun reappeared
    Veni, vidi, laboraro scriptio de hoc.
    I came, I saw, I tried to write about it.

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    Canvas wept emotion.

    Dreams scream goodbye.
    Where there is life, there is hope.
    Where there are hopes, there are dreams. Where there are vivid dreams, there is intention.
    Where there is intention there is creation in process.

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    Has anyone put this?

    I destroyed them

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    poetic injustice
    I said no.

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    Beginning, middle, end.

    Modernist style:

    There's a beginning?


    Beginning, middle, and --


    Beginning, beginning, beginning.

    Vol. II

    Beginning, middle, middle.

    Vol. III

    Middle, middle, middle.

    Vol. IV

    End, end, end.

    Vol. V

    End, epilogue, epilogue.
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    Usually it takes at least 100 [posts] before people start to hate Hodge
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