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Thread: Corrupted Wishes Game

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    Granted, but you develop a taste for granite. After ingesting several mountain ranges, the government enslaves you and unitizes your abilities to excavate mass transit tunnels. Yummy!

    I wish my cat would tell me why he is so clingy.

    "Now let's all agree, never to be creative again."

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    Granted, he tells you why he’s so clingy
    then why he’s loves salmon but not liver,
    why he sleeps all day, loves balls of yarn
    and why clouds facinate him. He also tells
    you he was the one who hid your car keys
    last week and he was the one who finished
    the sorbet and flowers make him sneeze.

    I wish my magic wand worked
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    Granted, but your wand becomes sentient, and asserts it's rights. After joining the Service Union, your wand works 40 hours a week, excluding weekends, holidays, scheduled breaks and any other statutory time spelled out in the Union memorandum of understanding (MOU). Please refer to the index for the appropriate subsection regarding other exclusions and limitations for your wand's bargaining unit.

    I wish for whirled peas.

    "Now let's all agree, never to be creative again."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston View Post

    I wish for whirled peas.
    Your wish is granted, but the whirled peas become sentient and while you are hypnotized by the whirls the whirled peas convince you to prefer whirled peas over world peace and you just barely miss accomplishing world peace by just a smidge.

    I wish a celebrity would take interest in me.
    If you look at my profile, say "Hi!" But not in a creepy way.


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