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5 Ways to Promote Your Book on LINKEDIN (1 Viewer)


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There are many social media sites that authors can use to increase their book’s visibility and build a fan base. LinkedIn can be particularly helpful for authors of nonfiction or any book with a target audience that includes professionals. Below are the TOP 5 WAYS I use this platform to spread the word about my nonfiction books and increase followers:

  • FREQUENTLY SEND INVITES to connect with new people in my books’ target audiences. To find them, I click on the “My Network” tab and peruse the suggested connections. Then I scan each person’s LI profile to see if they are in my target audiences (e.g., authors or college instructors). Creating several LI connections is critical b/c your LI connections are more likely to see your posts and interact with you.
  • POST SOMETHING USEFUL OR INTERESTING on my LI page at least 2 to 3 times per week. I recommend posting Monday through Friday b/c that’s when most LI users are active. Popular topics include tips from my books, links to relevant articles that I find, book awards or favorable reviews that my books recently received, funny/tasteful memes related to topics in my books, pics from my latest author event, questions that I have about topics related to my books, and *occasional* news about my books and speeches. The goal is to provide meaningful content and build relationships with as many LI users as possible. Avoid being too salesy as that can lead to lost LI connections.
  • IMMEDIATELY SEND INVITES to connect with anyone who likes or comments on my LI posts.
  • JOIN SEVERAL LI GROUPS related to the topics of my books so I can frequently share the same helpful tips, relevant articles, or questions that I post on my LI page.
  • LIKE AND COMMENT on other LI users’ posts, especially those related to my books’ topics. This is a great way to begin a dialogue with others who can potentially become your readers.

To date, I have received lots of positive feedback from my LI activities and built up a sizeable following of users, most of whom are in my books’ target audiences. I hope this book marketing tip helps!
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