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    wow lucky you, i just can think of anything else to add, i know he is going to kill a character but i dont know why. does anyone else find they get a suprise when there story takes an unexpected twist?

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    Just finished my minimum for today so am happy, Will try to get ahead before bed.
    Yes CD, all the time. When I'm writing in full flow it's like reading someone else's novel, I have no idea what's going to hapen in the next chapter or even sentence. Already in NaNo I've had a love story come from nowhere(Not planned in a paranormal thriller) and a character who was going to be a bit part and has already had his own chapter!

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    i still need bout 1200 for at least a minimum for today. i had a bit character, who turned into a main character, now the story is really flowing!

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    Still at 300ish. My MC needs a name. Anyone want to help me out? I want something original, but not too fantasyish. Erm. Thanks
    Society Blows

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    I'm gearing up to start my second half hour of writing.

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    Passed the half way mark tonight.

    The plot thickens...but only if you stir it constantly over a low heat. ~valeca on Twitter

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    woooo im nearly on 40,000

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