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    The Black Swordsman


    I need help with how I should make a good dialogue in scripts.

    And I wondered what words like amazed, astonished and mumbling is called, I've seen it used in scripts before, and would like to get a list of such words.

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    there's no such 'list'... they're just called 'wrylies' or, formally, 'parentheticals'... it's a direction to the actor re how the writer wants the lines read and should be used sparingly, if at all...

    email me and i'll be happy to send you a script format guide and other info on screenwriting basics...

    as for writing good dialogue, that's where the talent and skill of the screenwriter comes in... you need to study the best scripts by the best writers, see the films, develop your own skill in that area...

    love and hugs, maia
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    The Black Swordsman
    Thanks for your information


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