Fooshwa THE SHOW

we hear, 'FOOSHWAA...'
ON AIR signal-
five angels are lowered on strings with trumpets and fake wings

ANNOUNCER: and the angels sang,
FIVE ANGELS: wa lucky dog wa suck and gag on moth ball!!
ANNOUNCER: tonight we have a very important presentation. to bring to you!

actors Mark Phil and Steveo stand trio in Marks kitchen

MARKh is that so?
PHIL: yes. i seem to have misplaced my pants!
STEVEO: oh you fun loving criminal!
PHIL: that is not what you wished to say now is it?! IS IT?!
STEVEOno sir.
PHIL: very well then.

Mark pulls out a yoyo and Phil begins reading the daily news

MARK: if ifso and fatso equals tuberculosis, then...
PHIL: the mardigras museum?

Blackula rises from his coffin, arms crossed, and exclaims-

BLACKULA: exacto amundo!
wow, what a tasty burger.

Mark leans over the coffin, watching Blackula eat his meat

MARK:it was tasty. real tasty. wasn't it sweet stuff?
PHIL: forgive me sir, i have lost my marbles!

Mark watches Phil as he begins to play with some glass marbles, and spills them all over the floor

(nervous)MARK: thank you that is all for tonight! goodnight godbless!


MARK: phew, that was a drop in the bucket wasn't it?
PHIL: yes, but i had fun.
MARK: well good. thats good. i on the other hand...
PHIL: i know i know. you just have to calm down when it comes to this sort of thing...
MARK: i'm going for a bite to eat.
PHIL: yeah.
MARK: yeah. like maybe eggs and toast?
PHIL: oh yeah, let me just change into my other clothes!