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    This was previously posted in the short stories section but I think it goes better here

    Below the line is just a copy of the old subject
    __________________________________________________ ___________

    Me and my friends decided to try to make flash movies. Were having trouble with flash itself but I think our script is pretty good. Like most flashes its a comedy. Anyway heres the first draft of Script one. Tell me what you think (If anybody out there knows how to use flash help on it would be appreciated)

    Episode 1: Window to a new friend


    Episode#1: Window to a new friend

    *All words in between these symbols means actions*
    [All words within these symbols means tone of voice]
    {All words between these symbols means demeanor}
    <All words within these symbols means the location> =All words within these symbols means descriptions of the location=

    *screen appears that says*

    The Writers

    <In Side a house>

    Allen: *drinking soda* damn I’m out of soda


    Nick: *throwing rocks aimlessly*

    Allen: *Drinking Soda*

    *The sound of glass breaking plays*

    Matt: [Dramatic] OUR WINDOW HAS BROKE *hit’s the soda out of Allen’s hand* [Angry] Clean that up

    Allen: *glares at matt*

    Alex: *walks in* We were out of toilet paper so I used one of your movie scripts Matt

    Matt: [Shocked] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *faints*

    Adrian: [Annoyed] *on the computer* Guys me and my GF are having a romantic evening

    Allen: *out of nowhere another soda appears in his hand* YES *gives a thumps up to the sky*

    *Scene switches to Heaven*

    God: *gives Allen a thumbs up*

    Alex: but its 1:00 P.M

    Adrian: not where she lives

    Nick: Someone moved into the abandoned house

    Allen: nah your just high

    Matt: gets up no he’s right *peaks out the window*

    Allen: Oh wanna go say hi?

    Matt: nah maybe later

    *Screen Appears saying 5 months later appears*

    Allen: now

    Matt: Yeah lets go


    Matt: come on lets go we are going to say hi to the neighbors house

    Nick: *faints spontaneously*

    Alex: its its okay I’ll drag him…..

    Allen: lets go

    <outside the house>

    = A mansion is behind them the rest of the neighborhood is nothing but normal houses the house in front of them is very run down=

    Allen: [ scared] Oh no

    =a girl is walking towards them=

    ????: Hi!!! Wheres my five dollars

    Allen: [Angry] Damn bet

    <flash back>

    =In a bar=

    Allen: *points to Hitler* I bet you can’t convince him to kill all but his vision of the perfect race if you win I’ll give you five dollars every time we meet

    ????: Watch *walks over to Hitler* He slept with your girl *points to a rabbi*

    Hitler: *angry screaming in German*

    <End Flashback>

    <Back outside the house>

    Allen: Uhhh Yvonne Godzilla and Rodan are fighting in your back yard

    ????: I’m not stupid

    <????’s back yard>

    =Godzilla and rodan are fighting in her back yard=

    <Outside the writers house>

    Alex: [Confident] watch how its done….Yvonne you cats dead

    ????: NOOOOOO

    Allen, Alex, Matt, Nick, Adrian: *run away*

    ?????: *standing there* I don’t have a cat

    <Outside the rundown house>

    Allen: *knocks on the door* Hello

    *screen appears that says Confucius*

    Confucius: *running with a huge straw basket on his back with lots of pigs in it*

    *angry mob running after him*

    Lady Leading Mob: GET HIM HE STOLE OUR PIGS


    Confucius: *watching scene from a mountain* hahaha bitches take this

    Fake Confucius: *blows up*

    Lady Leading Mob: You cant escape your wife Confucius!!!!!

    Confucius: HA *wandering through the mountains* huh *hears footsteps and yelling* damn I knew I shouldn’t have placed those cryptic clues of my location everywhere *runs to a cave and blocks the entrance with a large rock* well now what *Confucius freezes*

    *A sign appears that says many years nooo many many many many many many many many many many many many MAAAAANYYYYYY years later*

    *the cave has become a old run down house*

    <Inside a rundown house>

    Confucious: *Unfreezes* WHAT THE HELL MY CAVE…has become some kind of wooden lair….. *wandering around his house taking the boards of the door and windows*

    *sign appears that says 5 months later*

    <Outside Confucius’ house>

    =The writers are standing outside=

    Confucius: Opens the door who the f**k are you!

    Allen: Were your neighbors

    Matt: The ones that live there *points to the mansion*

    Alex: So what’s your name

    Nick: **spaced out*

    Adrian: [Angry] *typing on his laptop* SHE WAS CHEATING ON ME!!! I’M CUTTING HER OFF

    Confucius: Neighbors you say housewarming part 4 months ago get lots of presents many toasters…many [SERIOUS] NO PUT HAND IN THERE IT FOR TOAST NOT HANDS *shows us burn marks on his hand*

    Matt: *sneaks up Confucius with a bat and hits him on the head* [Dramatic] HE WILL HELP US BUY NEW WINDOWS!!!!!!!! *maniacal laughter*

    <In the writers Limo>

    =Matts driving, Allen sitting in the passanger seat, nick and adrian first back seat, Alex and the unconscious Confucius in the Second backseat=

    Confucius: [Surprised, Angry] WHAT THE HELL!!!!!!!!!

    Alex: your coming with to get a new window!

    *The car stops*

    Nick: {not zoned out} [Serious] okay Confucius go get a window from that pile over there

    Confucius: But that gate has a sign with a skull on it and 4 dogs guarding the pile

    Matt: just go

    Confucius: NO

    Allen: We’ll get you a new toaster

    Confucius: Toaster AYE! *runs into the gate and gets shocked*

    Allen: *rolls down car windowand tosses a rocket launcher to confucious* use that

    Confucious: *blows up the gate with the rocket launcher grabs one of the windows and begins running from the dogs* HELP HELP SOMEONE PUT BACON IN MY POCKET!!!

    Alex: *laughing*

    Allen: MATT DRIVE

    Matt: *Matt drives the car into Confucious* ……… crap………

    Dogs: *start knawing on Confucious’ leg*
    Alex: There’s only one way to Fix this…Allen amputate the arm!

    Allen: *pulls out a katana and slashes *

    *a black screen appears that says 4 hours later*

    <In a hospital room>

    =Confucious is lying in the hospital bed his legs are wrapped in bandages his left are is wrapped in bandages his stomach is wrapped in bandages he has a cast around his neck and a bruise on his forehead. The writers are standing around him=

    Confucius: What happened!?

    Alex: Well you were being chased by dogs Matt hit you with the car the dogs started biting your legs Allen cut at your arm

    Allen: My sword got stuck in the bone so we had to yank it out

    Alex: well then Adrian dropped his laptop on your head, Nick collapsed on you and… well I poked you for an hour….. We ran when we heard the cops coming.

    Confucius: where’s my toaster now

    Matt: your not getting one

    Nick: *spinning in a chair* Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Adrian: [Angry] OH SO NOW SHES BREAKING UP WITH ME *throws his laptop at Confucius*

    Allen: but its not all bad we have some good news!

    Confucius: You saved money on car insurance by switching to geico?

    Allen: Hell no! The window we broke wasn’t ours it was yours!

    *Credits Roll*

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    It was hillarious. My favorite part was the toaster part:
    "No put hand in there it for toast not hands" it made me think of a caveman.


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