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    Quote Originally Posted by Itachi View Post
    First time trying to take part in a challenge, I am having such a hard time to get what I'm thinking down on paper. Any suggestions for someone new to this - also apologies if this is not the correct place to post.

    The best way to get started for me, personally, is to figure out how I want to approach the prompt for the comp and then sketch out some ideas around it. Doesn't have to be full lines or anything, just take whatever main idea you have for the prompt and then build the skeleton of the story of around it. With such a limited word count, it can be easy to want to do too much initially, but that's really one of the better aspects of this particular competition—you learn how to convey your ideas as concisely, yet completely, as possible in order to construct an effective piece of flash fiction. Try to think of what the story is you want to tell based on the prompt and then build upon it. You may even want to just draft out the bare bones of the story to keep word count down and then flesh them out with detail afterward. Everybody has a different approach, and perhaps this answer is too vague, but it's the best way I can describe my own process for working out story ideas for this format in particular.
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    That's good advice from joshybo, itachi. Once you something written down you have something to work with. So, don't worry about how good or bad it looks - just get it down and then work on polishing it.

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