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Thread: Post Baseless Lies About The Person Above

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    Peter Thomas is Lord of the Pencil People and is currently concocting fiendish plans so he can finally destroy Bill, Master of the Pen People.

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    eric_h is dangerously obsessed with stationary.

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    Pawn is my alter-ego
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    Peter Thomas is known to his friends as "Cheeky Pete", and his enemies as "The Sly Toad".

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    Pawn likes to sling chunks of German bread at unsuspecting children in the park.

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    eric will metamorphosize into a Kangaroo with little or no provocation.

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    Pawn's real name is Spike Handsome and he (or she) doesn't know his (or her) right hand from his (or her) left.

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    eric was raised in the spoon mines of Indonesia. To escape his torment, he would often dress up as Kylie Minogue and prance... no, that's enough.

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    Pawn is attracted to anything described as devilishly unfortunate and is a Neptunian spy.

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    Pawn is not really a human penguin, but comes from the planet Antcritica where all folk are born in tux's and find nudity is really being over dressed.
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