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#3 The Myth of Er (1 Viewer)


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My room is ruled byMercury’s desktop:
anachronism in thismobile world.
On table, groundedto the Earth
wood rooted in darkenedforest,
leaned on, learnt on,as my prop.
Surrounded by bookshelves:Jupiter
abundantly displays ignorance,
my to do list, PC overtakes
with interactivemessages, mistakes,
intended meetings,offers of romance.
The printer’sSaturn; take a hard copy.
Some bottled water,little stone of Moon
fluid drink toirrigate the body.
And thermos, Venus,flask for warm and moist
substance for coffeejar: Uranus’s
to shock the systemwide awake with his
alert iconoclasm. Notfor tea
that might encouragegreater harmony
from Venus, whoinspires the imagery
on paintings I havedrawn to remind me
the world existsbeyond computer screens.
The light above has threebulbs:
different shades by angular position
makes Sun blades to overcome
the moonlight’s softer gleams.
The books blinkcuriosity,
forgive an eager quest for knowledge.
They permit the office holder
to live within the world
not in the library,
unite with Venus aspromissory.

The Spindle of Necessity can judge
the moral conduct inthe skies above.
Four walls. Ananke’srancour may incur
necessity forretribution, Er.