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3 Possible plots ("Vision" movies) (1 Viewer)



A friend and I are producing a short (5-10min) film, we have sketched up three difforent story ideas on the basis of visions that alter peoples lives, for the worse

This is a story about two step brother's (Dylan and Hayden Keats) that lose their (Hayden's) father in a hit-and-run accident, days later one of their friends (Mira Adel) is reported missing. The film begins in the aftermath of these events, both brothers seem to have no memory of the days since their father died. They retrace the last memories they had to try and help find out what happened to their friend, during which the flashbacks hint at a small love relationship between Dylan and Mira. After a sequence of painful flashbacks the brother's find out the last day they spent with Mira was when they found out their father died. At this point it is obvious that Dylan is lying about having lost his memory. Hayden accuses his brother of doing something to Mira and pretending to loose his memory, Dylan replies by saying "All i did was save your life...for now". Worried his brother might try to kill him Hayden continues to follow his brother following what must have been their path. At the end of that path they find a broken, blood stained bottle. Hayden has another flashback, where Mira admits her mother ran over their father, and she was with her at the time. The flashback end's with Mira saying "I deserve to die", followed by Hayden picking up a bottle and saying "Well, you are right about that". The film ends with Dylan asking his step brother to justify murdering an innocent girl and supressing his memory, comparing it to the hit-and-run accident that claimed his fathers life.

Tagline: Seeing the future, blinds you to the present
The film opens with two men in a dark room, one man sat in a chair and another standing over him, holding a knife. The man in the chair asks "am i the first" to which the second man replies "yes, Aria, you are" the man called Aria then asks "Am i the first?" to which the other replies "No, there is one more", then there are a series of flashes and short shots of what seems like a struggle, ending up showing Aria dead.
After this the screen changes showing a man called Mark waking up suddenly, clutching his head in pain, it is late at night.
The scene cuts to the next morning, Mark's friend Gaol visits him, Mark tells Gaol about his vision of Aria dying, in a strangely short time Gaol manages to track down the only person by the name of Aria and whisks Mark off to save his life.
When the pair arrive at Aria's house but Gaol takes off to look around, Mark calls on Aria, who mysteriously appears while Mark (and the camera) are looking away. Mark warns Aria of his premonition, Aria seems unphased to the point of ignoring it. Aria then asks Mark's name, then says "Mark...hmmm...so you're his Mark" when Mark ask's who Aria replies "A friend" (Mark's name is a pun, the second use refers to him as a target, and "A friend" refer's to Mark's friend, Gaol, but that isn't obvious till later on, the other two names aren't related to the characters...they are makes of guitars)
Aria then proceeds to warn Mark that if he truely believes he can predict the future he must run as far as he can, as fast as he can. Mark thinks Aria is mocking him, he says "I have a friend with me, I'm fine", to which Aria replies "No...No you dont..." (Meaning Gaol is not a friend, and him being with Mark is not fine). Aria then dissapears.
Mark meets up with Gaol, Gaol convinces him to save Aria's life whether he wants it saved or not, the two break into Aria's house to save him. Mark walks into the room from his premonition to see Aria's dead body, Aria's spirit then appears in a chair in the room, the two talk and Mark finds out Aria was killed as he was having his premonition, late the previous night.
His premonition then replays in the room, but continues from where it previously began to flash and break up, Mark finds out that Aria died willingly, he to could also see the future and saw Gaol coming to get him, but he let him kill him, instead using his phsychic power's to send Mark a vision of his murder to warn him. After that a series of quotes from the film replay through Mark's mind, (the main 2 i highlighted and quoted when i said them) and he realises he was the "one more".
The film ends with the replay of the conversation "Mark...hmm...so, you're his mark..." "Who's?" "Uh...a friends", at that point Gaol walks in, Mark looks up to see him, and murmurs "A friend".

The third hasnt been fully written yet, but i have a short summary

Tagline: There isnt one yet, but we like "Don't fuck with fate!"

Similarly to Farsight, Providence is about a premonition the main character has of someone dying, he goes to the place shown in his premonition and tries to find someone that it might be about. However throughout the film he is simply following out his premonition, enacting it. He realises that his premonition was about himself and that if he hadn't had the premonition none of what had happened would have, but unfortunately for him, its seconds too late.

So, what does everyone think :drunk:

What one do you think would be best, and (ill update when the third one is finished) what do you think would be cool to add/change


Senior Member
Those ideas seem like a lot to do in a short 10 minute film. Do you have scripts for any of these? That would make it easier to get a better idea of what the final project would be like.