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    No parts - All of 5 Easy Steps

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    Oh yes. I know Dana's speech is long. However, my actress memorized the lines just fine.

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    AWESOME job REALLY AWESOME if I must say so myself....It kept me reading the entire time. I liked how the action went back and forth between Dadan and the other characters..VERY good interaction. I can't wait to read more.

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    Nice start,
    The hardest part will be for the phantom characters
    to come off truthfully and not deteriorate into slapstick (Unless that's what you want-in and out maybe?). I like the idea of the comic lightness staying with Dana. The play is written by the characters in her head( They do anyway!). That plot line is an old favorite- been done but it can always be done again and better. Stay with it -you got it! There shall be no need for coyness you have great instincts More please.


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