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#25 When Counting Counts (1 Viewer)

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Dialing numbers 123, voices traveling magically, through atmosphere.
This digital remote we tote, genie’s bottle requesting sequentially, zero's one.
Military’s exercise homogenized, babysitting toddlers, ask Siri where to play.

Spread sheet calculations, personnel manipulations, addition by subtraction.
Speed limit, data mine, weight watchers, mortgage rate, stat line,
feel incomplete when neighbor’s raise takes hold, hour glass, grains of gold

Leveraged by plastic cards, vinyl village, three-foot yards, profit margins pour.
Not criticizing dimes to dollars, let your conscience be your guide.
What measure’s man? Bravado, likes or fans? Golden rule lay tarnished.

Thirty days pass September, no value found in June or November,
April’s path winds around me, in rhythm counting lives, my ancestral tree.
Dauntingly thirty in thirty, big picture haze, visualizing lines, one step in time.
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