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25 Things About Me. (1 Viewer)




Instead of a long-winded sort of essay about myself that I usually write up when I start with a new forum, here are 25 points of interest about me. These are all true, and if you would like me to go into details, just say so. I'm really not a "private" person; I don't mind sharing my history with others.

1. I wrote 26 pages on an 8 page paper to "be rebellious"
2. I'm the youngest of 3 brothers
3. I've had plastic surgery
4. I'm in love
5. I'm an advocate for plaid; it's my favorite color
6. I've saved someone's life
7. In high school, my nickname was Fetus... and I loved it
8. I'm a follower of Jesus Christ
9. At various times during my life, I've been known to call myself a psychic
10. I've never broken a bone, though I should have
11. I've read Lord of the Rings 10+ times
12. I'm being sued for $1,000,000.00
13. My house used to be haunted
14. I have the most notes written on facebook
15. I've almost died in a car accident
16. I have 2 dogs, who - at times - appear more human than humans
17. I think Boondock Saints is an amazing movie, and will kill anyone who disagrees
18. My thyroid is insanely messed up
19. I used to be in the Air Force
20. I'm CDO (that's OCD in alphabetical order, the way it should be)
21. My favorite band is Pinback
22. My second-favorite band is Mindless Self Indulgence
23. I frequently play Warhammer 40,000 with friends
24. Currently, I'm unemployed
25. I'm voting for Ron Paul

Hope that shed some light on me!


Senior Member
Man, he came with a list! I didn't know we needed lists!
Menace, sounds like you have enough experience to write for a lifetime. Awesome. And welcome.


Sniper McGee

Senior Member
Welcome! It’s great to have such an interesting person in the community.

Since you said we could ask questions, I’ve got one: You said you had plastic surgery, I have too and I’ wondering where you had yours at?

-Bryce out


Hello and welcome to the community, menace64. That's some list you have there. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy!


Since you said we could ask questions, I’ve got one: You said you had plastic surgery, I have too and I’ wondering where you had yours at?

This ties in with #16. I was in a car accident in 2005 that involved me slamming face-first into the windshield at 45 mph. I had glass embedded all over the left side of my face. I nearly lost my left eye (the impact literally shaved off my eyelashes and eyebrow).

I didn't break any bones and besides some surface scarring, I was fine and actually went on vacation to Europe a few days later. I had plastic surgery 6 months later to reduce/eliminate the scarring.

Pretty cool story, actually. It's one of my favorites.