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Thread: {un}holy?! haiku challenge

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    Looks like I'm the Bard.
    Telling tales, playing the fool
    Impressing the Queen

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    Impressing the Queen
    the face of brand new coinage
    half a crown these days

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    Half a crown these days
    It's pronounced cra-yon, not crown:
    My Philly accent.
    "How can we know the dancer from the dance?" - W.B. Yeats
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    My Philly accent.
    Lacks soft creaminess of cheese
    Can grate on some ears

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    Can grate on some ears
    like cauliflower cheese lumps
    waxing and waning

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    Waxing and waning
    Loquacious due to moonshine
    Followed by snoring

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    Followed by snoring
    unwittingly closed eyelids
    open dreaming's door

    (I'd have to say "unholy" since this is on page 666!)

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    open dreaming's door
    to demons sitting writing
    Unholy Haiku

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    (Dela) Cruzin' for Josh. idreamofalan's Avatar
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    Unholy Haiku
    Not religious in nature
    But teasing instead.
    Someone: You attract what you fear.
    Me: I'm terrified of Josh Dela Cruz.

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    But teasing instead.
    Cruelly antagonise
    Instead of helping


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