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Thread: {un}holy?! haiku challenge

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeAverageReader View Post
    Jinking, twisting, gone
    7 at sixty-five against one:
    5 upside odd-man-out

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    upside odd-man-out
    Unique and weirdly charming
    A ‘keeper’ ladies

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    A ‘keeper’ ladies,
    hoarder of rubbish and junk.
    Simply put, a man.
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    Simply put, a man.
    A Martian to my Venus
    Opposites attract

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeAverageReader View Post
    Opposites attract
    7 complementary angles
    5 static can cause cling

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    static can cause cling
    Sparks fly when un-jumpering
    Nylon sheets, oh dear!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeAverageReader View Post
    Nylon sheets, oh dear!
    7 versatile thermoplastic
    5 no drastic revere

    *but rhymes*

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    no drastic revere
    Casual, classic styling
    Unisex necking


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