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Thread: {un}holy?! haiku challenge

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    dishevel of happy
    is a six-syllable line
    suspended from thread

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    *you can NaPo*
    *haiku it*
    *high-coooooo you*

    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Istine View Post
    suspended from thread
    7 happiness as yo-yo, yo'
    5 walk, spin, try again

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    walk, spin, try again
    ballroom dancing with sore feet
    husbands worst nightmare

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    Husband's worst nightmare
    spent the entire afternoon
    chatting with the wife.
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    chatting with the wife
    North American warblers
    songbirds or Monkees?
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    Songbirds or Monkees?
    Both species now dying out
    Daydreaming no more

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeAverageReader View Post
    Daydreaming no more
    7 laundry landscape, pizza box
    5 bachelor life for me
    *2 syllable american batchler*

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    Bachelor life for me
    Sitting lonely up a tree
    Repeating ‘Cuckoo’

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlondeAverageReader View Post
    Repeating ‘Cuckoo’
    7 doors open, perch appears, stops
    5 increase each hour

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    increase each hour
    by at least fifteen minutes
    longer life desired


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