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Thread: {un}holy?! haiku challenge

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    Life is meant for love;
    if you wait for the right time.
    After you're married.
    Been a super long time since I've wandered the forums...

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    After you're married.
    Privates locked in safe.
    Man cries in beer.
    (Evil incarnate, devourer of souls....and pizza)
    Bad Spellers of the World, Untie! -Tee shirt slogan.

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    Man cries in beer,
    No answers within the glass,
    An empty glass, again
    Sarcasm is just another service we offer.
    And by the way, we prefer the term
    morally challenged.

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    an empty glass again
    on a table set for one
    fill it with hot tears
    My karma just ran over your dogma.

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    fit it with hot tears
    salty tears like the red sea
    I want to drown you

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    i want to drown you
    in seas of unforgiveness
    casting love adrift
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    casting love adrift
    pointing the main sail towards
    distant horizons

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    Distant horizons,
    Crashing waves, the Siren’s call.
    Gulls mew in the tang.

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    Gulls mew in the tang
    The soldiers shame
    Escape on the waves
    If one in a thousand men are found to have strong discipline they must be slain for they have attained the power to commanding their destiny to which end nothing is beyond their grasp...Sun Tzu The Art of War

    And a Gate will open and outforth he shall be called the way....
    Translation from the Lost book of EgyptiansHidden Content

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    ooops, line 2 has 7 syllables, dayshayde

    escape on the waves
    frothing white horses gallop
    westward rush the tides
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