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Thread: {un}holy?! haiku challenge

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    poor people listen

    to murderous dictators

    and dream to be them.

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    and dream to be them
    beggars riding bleak nightmares
    into the sunset
    "Tigers bloom where there's oodles of room." Zodiac Zoo

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    into the sunset

    rides cowboy his trophy bound

    well-gagged to be wed.

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    well-gagged to be wed
    pale woman dressed in white gown
    devoid of all breath
    I like jumping in puddles, I like dancing to 80's rock in front of my mirror, I like babbling on about WWII when I'm intoxicated, I like eating ice cream out of the bucket, I like sipping hot coco, I like eating burnt marshmellows

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    devoid of all breath
    and under her dress pregnant
    by another man
    My karma just ran over your dogma.

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    by another man

    she carries a child she feels

    stirring in her pouch.

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    Stirring in her pouch
    The marsoupial babe kicks
    Emergance soon comes
    "Nobody makes a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."
    ---Edmund Burke

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    emergence soon comes
    her kangaroo son is born
    and hops from her womb
    My karma just ran over your dogma.

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    and hops from her womb?
    How strangely this vine does grow...
    Born into the drink.

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    Born into the drink
    Tanqueray and dry Rossi
    My little onion
    Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Ronald


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