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#23 Testing, Check, Is This On? (1 Viewer)

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Divorce made kindling of our family tree. Enter teenage angst, exit parental unity.
Tune out, turn on, Dr Demento, Monty Python, Cheech and Chong passed their bong.
A bit of irony, Alex Haley’s Roots brought slavery to TV, sponsored by Wonder Bread.
Furnace causing fire, roof to wall, sparing nothing but our lives. College flamed out too.

Shakespeare set his table, growing comedy from tragedy.
Reconstitute each catastrophe with punchlines, making light of dark.
Mary Poppins knows, endorphins help each bitter pill go down.
My hidden notebook, Cracker’s Tuesday open stage, dreams become reality.

Diverse personalities, local comic scene, guest sets paid nothing but opportunity.
Segued stories flow, tag lines come to know, heckler digs, need more than local gigs.
Writing craft brings paycheck maturation, years of touring clubs, family’s obligations rub.
Spousal friction, not as funny as it wants to be. Sadly, laughter time to say goodnight.
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