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#2 Wanderlust (1 Viewer)

River Rose

Senior Member
I pull on my boots
Feeling the need thru my fingertips as I tie up the laces.
Body already in sync with the pulsing of the forest.
My feet hit the dirt, as my mind awakens to a gateway that holds endless possibilities for my mind to travel.
The ENT’s dance in the breeze as their limbs come alive before me.
They tell me stories with such knowledge.
Wisdom old as their stretching, intertwined roots beneath me can hold.
I breath in deeply, filling my lungs with the damp mossy air.
With full unmistakable knowing,
I am home.


Staff member
You took me into the forest with your words. Breathing that 'damp mossy air' is so evocative of the feeling of understanding that a walk in the forest can give. Good poem.


Poetry Mentor
Staff member
Senior Mentor
I connected to your bewitching poem... My Mother always turned to the wood to seek what she needed... and she gave that gift to me... The woods and all that live there are spiritual to me...I go there a wreck and come back... welllll... still a wreck , but a much calmer, peaceful wreck ;)... I am also drawn to the river....Thanks for such a fabulous read...