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First of all, is there a generally agreed on definitive medieval fantasy series that isn't lord of the rings? I'm looking for something set in medieval times but not too far fetched (little or no magical elements...), adventure type stuff. I loved the redwall series as a kid and was sort of looking for a more adult version of that type of series, obviously with human characters. Probably vague, I know..

Secondly, for any of you who are songwriters, can you recommend any books about popular songwriters, their forms, etc? I'm into early pop writing like Roy Orbison, blues writers like Willie Dixon, to anything right up until the 90's.

Thanks a lot.

Dr. Malone

Try "It Came From Memphis" and "Bob Dylan Chronicles" for the books. The memphis one is more blues, the dylan one is, well, dylan. He was in Traveling Wilburys with Orbison though.


Senior Member
As for series... The Shanara series is supposed to be alright, as is A Song of Fire and Ice by George R.R. Martin. Raymond E Feist's books might be a way to go too.