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    Recovering creative

    Hello everyone! My name is Alana, currently calling Sydney, Australia my home.

    It feels like about fifty years between this community and my last - good old Livejournal, many moons and mistakes ago. Joining up here is my attempt to get back in touch with the me that needed to write rather than wishing she had time to do it in between laundry and spreadsheets. I teach academic English to university students for a living, and I'm in dire need of reassurance that there is life beyond a literature review. My work most commonly veers toward lyrical prose and poetry, but lately I've felt a novel lurking in the weeds.

    I look forward to connecting with all of you

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    Welcome to the forum, Alana.
    Craft / Draft / Graft And Write To Entertain.

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    Welcome Alana. I'm always happy to see poets join
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    Welcome! I look forward to hearing more about the novel.
    Sometimes in the waves of change we find our new direction...
    - unknown

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    Hello, Alana! You've got a great turn of phrase. Novels do tend to lurk like that. I've been crashing through the underbrush in pursuit of mine and I'm not unhappy about that even though it still is more pursuit than success. There definitely is a creative life for you and we're happy to cheer you on.

    Welcome to the hunt!

    What comes after the NaPo storm of poetry?
    Get ready for the
    May 2021 Collaborator Challenge.

    Send your potential partner a fruit basket and start begging!

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    Welcome. It's nice to take a concrete step like joining a writers' forum, to underscore one's intention to incorporate more creative/writerly things in one's life. Perhaps it opens up a wormhole, generating an uptick of energy in one's chosen direction, with new things coming into our awareness and unbidden information falling in our lap that otherwise wouldn't!

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    Welcome Alana! It is nice to see poets here! Can't wait for your writings


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