Proposed new challenge: The Paragraph Prompt

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Thread: Proposed new challenge: The Paragraph Prompt

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    Proposed new challenge: The Paragraph Prompt

    Spinning off from a thread soon to be buried in the dusty bowels of WF, we see the emergence of a potential new time-waster.

    The Paragraph Prompt is simple:

    - this is not a competition
    - this is a means of determining we all approach a given subject

    Participants will be given a set of factors (one setting and one action) and allotted one paragraph to demonstrate their particular style. Having done so, we will then disassemble said paragraph in order to better understand how the pieces work together.

    Rather than concern ourselves with overarching plot, character development, or the thousand and one rabbit holes into which we may detour in the course of a normal crit, the idea is to confine the prompt in a narrow space and focus specifically on the mechanical aspects of the thing. This is criticism at the micro level; we're at the races to see how the greyhound runs rather than how fast.

    I suspect it may be a few days before this gets off the ground. In the meantime I'll leave the floor open to gauge interest, field questions or prompt suggestions, and throw rotten fruit.

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    I didn't realise you'd started a thread so I'll post that starter here too:

    Deep in the heather heart of the Eldmoore valley, the village of Darrowdale stretched as the sun splashed atop the surrounding Five Peaks. The weave and droop of thatch and sandstone climbed dreamily from an early morning mist, edges etched in vivid light. It rattled and grumbled with the sound of waking village folk. The smell of sizzling breakfasts, piping hot soup and extra strong coffee carried on a sobering breeze, whilst smoke curled from chimney stacks, bed sheets snapped in back-gardens, hooves clattered on cobblestone, and a cockerel announced another day dawned.
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    (moved from the other thread)

    You asked.

    Through the five peaks morning came to the vale of the Eldmoore River, the first light of dawn filtering in the ebbing mist and sketching dimly the houses of thatch and standstone that dotted the valley floor where within the residents rose laggard and complaining to the smoke of breakfast cookfires and the song of the cockerel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalGreen View Post
    What does this mean? I'm lost.
    Take an original paragraph (prompt), in this case mine, and rewrite it in your own style. Once a few people have done that, we can then begin to discuss what makes our styles different and what goes into that style.
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    The village of Darrowdale lay in the shadows of Eldmoore valley, a net of darkness between five gold peaks. Dew and mist settled over thatch roofs and sandstone roads. It smelled of pork, coccus, and coffee beans. The townsfolk kindled their fireplaces, their chimneys filling the air with smoke of greens. Linens snapped in gardens; horses marched; roosters cried.

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    In the Eldmoore valley Darrowdale stretched itself. Sun splashed the surrounding Peaks, and thatch and sandstone, edged with light, climbed dreamily from an early morning mist. The village rattled with the sound of waking; of sizzling breakfasts. And that smell, with piping hot soup, extra strong coffee, and smoke from chimney stacks, carried on the breeze. Bed sheets snapped in back-gardens, hooves clattered on cobblestones, and the cockerel announced another day dawned.

    Give or take a couple of Oxford commas.
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    In the heathered heart of Eldmoore Valley rests the village of Darrowdale, overseen by the majestic Five Peaks. In the early morning light, the smell of sizzling bacon, popping toast, and strongly brewed coffee mingles with the sound of line-hung bedsheets, snapping on the breeze. Waking village folk rise to aromas on the wind; the sound of a rooster confirming another day has dawned.
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    The sleepy village of Darrowdale, dozed deep in the heart of Eldmoore valley. Sunlight touched the surrounding peaks, crept down to gently scratch at the thatched roofs of sandstone houses. The early morning breeze carried the smell of baking bread, sizzling breakfast and the snap of freshly washed bed sheets, already hung out to dry. A lone horse clattered through the cobblestone streets pulling the milk cart from house to house and in every yard, roosters loudly announced the beginning of a new day.
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    In the heart of the Eldmoore valley, the sun bathed the neighboring Five Peaks, exposing the village of Darrowdale. The early morning cloud burned away as it laid silent on the ground. The thatch roofs atop the sandstone cottages, with plumbed edges, brightened in the light of day. Noise of the village folk moving around as they rumbled and grumbled to their daily chores. The crackle of breakfast, boiling stews and strong coffee wafted through the windows, whilst smoke curled from chimneys. Barn doors opened and hooves clattered on cobblestone as a cock crowed announcing a new day.

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